How To Make Granola Bars At Home? An Easy Homemade GranolaBar Recipe

Yummy Granola bars are a popular and healthful snack among many individuals who love its flavor and variety. Store-bought granola bars can be replaced with homemade granola bars. They're usually more healthy than packaged counterparts since they contain minimally processed foods with little added sugar or salt.

Granola bars can be an excellent source of fiber and protein to help control hunger between meals in some occasions. Some, on the other hand, have the same amount of sugar, carbohydrates, and calories as candy bars.

So its always better to make this breakfast bars recipe at home. This no bake healthy granola bar recipe is very easy to make at home. This is healthy snack alternative.

Ingredients to make granola bars Rolled Oats - 1 cup Sunflower seeds -1 cup Mixed Seeds ( Pumpkin seeds, sabja seeds, flax seeds ) - 1/4 cup Seasme seeds - 1/4 cup Flax seeds - 1/4 cup Puffed rice - 1 cup Nuts - 1/4 cup Dates - 1/2 cup Dates syrup - 1/2 cup Honey - 1/2 cup

Method to make homemade granola bars 1. Roast all the seeds in medium heat for couple of minutes and take it to a large bowl. 2. In the same pan add some rolled oats and roast it for some time and add it to the same pan and mix some puffed rice with it mix and allow it to cool down. 3. Into this mix add some chopped nuts and grinded dates which will give a nice crunch for the granola bars. 4. For sweetness to the granola I added some dates syrup and Honey. 5. Mix everything really well with your hands. This is sweeted granola. You can have this just like that or with milk. You can serve this as a parfait with yogurt and fruits. 5. To make granola bars transfer this to a pan with parchment paper and press it down nice. 6. Add some dry fruits like cherries, cranberries, blueberries on top and press. 7. Refregerate this healthy granola bars for 2 hours or overnight. 8. Now your healthy breakfast bar is ready.