Netflix Series Squid Game Sweet Recipe Korean Dalgona Candy (Ppopgi)

Why is Dalgona Candy causing such a stir?

Dalgona Candy, made popular by the Netflix series Squid Game, is simple to create. Ppopgi, or Korean candy, is a treat that you may create at home at any time. With "Squid Game," Netflix has hit gold. The South Korean series, which is on its way to become the streaming platform's biggest blockbuster ever, has started a new trend on social media.

You might recall the term 'dalgona' from a previous TikTok trend: dalgona coffee! The Korean term dalguna translates roughly as "sweet." In Korea, they also use the word ppopgi for this candy. However, the coffee has been replaced by a Squid Game boost.

This trending Netflix series Dalgona candy is Korean candy, which was popular street food in the 1970s and 80s. It is still sold and eaten in South Korea as ‘retro’ candy. So, how can you make your own honeycomb-like sweets that can't be broken? Through videos, TikTok and Youtubers are demonstrating how to do it. Dalgona sweets is made using only two ingredients. With sugar and baking soda, make a crunchy and chewy fudge.

The toffee-like sweet structure has its origins in Korea, where its appeal spans decades and regions. Dalgona candy is a form of honeycomb toffee, caramel-like candy. There are many more countries and cultures that make this type of candy. Other variants include hokey pokey, sponge toffee (or sponge candy), and cinder toffee.

Food channels, in particular, have been sharing recipes for the honeycomb-like treat. Take @GreyPot, for instance, a youtube food channel from India. They shared tips and tricks on how make the perfect dalgona candy, giving followers a step-by-step path to creating the dish.